Leak Prevention – Unlined Pipe and Fittings



Current scenario

Many wear type pipes are high pressure and and have extreme wear. Although maintenance shut downs allow the measurement of the remaining life the exact science for inspection has not been perfected. On occasion a pipe will rupture filling a section requiring days if not weeks of cleanup. With high pressure lines, a pipe blowout can be a real health and safety issue.

Will this application help.

This application was designed to indicate when the pipe has reached the end of it’s useful life. You can determine at what level you would like to have the indicator and the leak prevention unit will signal the end of it’s useful life.

With the ability to predict wear you can maximize the use of your pipe, enhance mine safety and create a planned shutdown.

Suggested Applications

-Sand-Fill Lines

-Paste-Fill lines

-Unlined Slurry Line

-All Terminations.

Will this save me money.

From a cost savings perspective there are a few important points.

-The sensor unit is reusable for many pipe.

-The unit payback is 1 planned shutdown. Any un-expected rupture or spill will cause tens of thousands in costs to fix, replace in order to continue operating.

Commonly asked questions.

Do I need to put a unit on all the spools(pipe length)?  No We recommend 1 unit per straight run section in order to gauge the overall line life.

Will it Catch a spot in the middle of a spool? No This unit is designed to indicate the overall wear of the run. If a localized wear spot has been created there is usually a localized problem in that area.

Can this be applied to elbows. Yes Elbow extrados prone to wear can be equipped with a re-pad like piece which would contain the premature wear and indicate replacement needed.