Leak Prevention Sensor 

Leak Prevention Unit2


Leak Prevention Sensor Mounted On a Carbon Steel Rubber Lined Pipe

Installation Demo


  • Internal Rubber Liner Monitoring
  • Internal Paint Coating Monitoring


  • Dome is machined from an acrylic billet
  • Body is from 6061 aluminum billet
  • Gaskets are Nitrile for high heat and chemical resistance
  • Units are completely sealed and waterproof
  • Interface is 18 Gauge Stainless


  • RF Range 1 Mile line of sight or 1.6 Km (RF version Only)
    • Will communicate failure in the liner via RF or visual indications
    • Can communicate seismic or temperature information
    • Can communicate temperature
    • Can communicate battery strength
  • Can detect leak in a liner throughout the entire surface.
  • Uses Heuristics to determine the failure
    • Verifies every 10 min for a failure, if a failure occurs the sensor will verify 2 other consecutive times, 1 minute apart to rule out false positives.
    • Threshold monitoring ensure self adjustment to different diameters and lengths of pipe.
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Battery life of approx 3-5 years
  • Visual failure detection system (RF and Non-RF models)
    • Yellow light indicates the liner has failed
    • Red light indicates low battery status.
  • Sensor can be used for many years on many spool
  • Pipe thickness depth indicator foe ease of installation

Visual Demonstration of Warning System 

Demo OffDemo on


RF Reader

Laptop enabled reader can receive the spool ID’s remotely.