Aug 2015

Clarabelle Mill installs a leak prevention unit. This spool is responsible for the feed coming from the number the number 7 mill.

This spool is considered critical to the mill, any advance warning of liner failure is useful in determining a maintenance plan.

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July 2015

Sand-fill and Past-fill (no liner) leak prevention is introduced.

Perfect for use with hardened pipe. Can be used with any terminations.

Previous model of leak detection assemblies required rubber or paint coating for he leak prevention to occur. In this configuration the leak prevention assembly does not require to be painted or to be lined.

A pre-determined remaining steel thickness is chosen and our device can indicate when the steel has worn to the minimum thickness remaining. A re-pad can be added to the extrados of any elbow with the leak prevention unit in order to signal the elbow is worn out before having any leaks.



April 2015

2 Leak detection units installed at Coleman on sandfill down pipe tee’s.

Coleman Tee Leak Detection Install

Sept 2014

Leak Prevention Limited launches the production version for rubber application.

Product Page


May 2014

NorLife Logo(S)

Northern Life article on Leak Prevention Ltd.

Leak Prevention Limited and the Pitch


May 2014

NorLife Logo(S)

Northern Life article Norcat and the pitch

Sudbury Norcat Pitch took a Dragon’s Den approach to investment


May 2014


Leak Prevention Ltd. does “The Pitch 2014”



April 204


N.O.B Spot to Promote Norcat’s “The Pitch 2014”


April, 2013


Leak Prevention partners with Tagsense for Development

We have had success implementing the Leak Prevention system in the mining environment. The alert response devices we have been using currently are wired to a power source. We are teaming up with Tagsense to develop a custom circuit configuration that will have a multi-year lasting battery. This will mean that all installation of the leak prevention unit will not be limited by accessibility to power. The hardware being developed will also have a signal able to be transmitted up to a mile line of sight. This will enable us to deploy notification or e-mails upon liner failure. The circuity will also have a repeating redundant check of the failure to ensure no false positives will ever be reported. A visual notification of battery status and liner status will also be incorporated for immediate inspection. Tagsense


Aug , 2014


Fuller Industrial develops leak detection system

Sudbury Mining Journal


Jan, 2014

Leak Prevention Ltd. is formed


July  2012


Fuller Industrial demonstrates leak detection system

Fuller Industrial