Leak Prevention – Rubber Lined pipe and Fittings

Coleman Tee Leak Detection Install


Leak prevention for rubber lined pipe and fittings.

The use of leak prevention technologies in various rubber lined pipe and fittings can give a maintenance team the upper hand on high wear critical piping components. As an added benefits knowing when a critical part high pressure piece will rupture is critical in keeping mine staff safe. Leak prevention is a cost effective way to predict down time.

How doe this leak prevention system work?

The rubber membrane has a conductive layer built into the liner which is strategically placed at a certain wear level. Once the layer has been breached by the material being conducted it signals for replacement. Catching a critical wear component quick enough in the wear cycle allows for orderly maintenance replacement and shutdown and avoids costly cleanup.


-Mill Applications

-Rubber Lined Chutes

-Tailing Lines

-Underflow Elbows

Commonly Asked Questions?

Are the unit re-usable? The spool or fitting can be relined as the steel has been saved in most cases and the detection unit can be reused on multiple pipe and fittings.

How much saving can you get for re-lining a pipe and fitting? You can save approximately  half of the initial price on the spool or fitting by re-lining the piece.

What is the payback of a leak prevention unit? The first time a impending failure is detected the savings are immediate. So 1 failure.